Kid’s Meals Made Easy

If you know me, you know I am a fan of meal kits. Of course I love to cook, but with everything going on lately, its just one more thing I do not want to worry about.

With all the remote learning and being stuck in the house for the last 6 months, I was searching for something to help my kids get on a healthy more structured routine, especially with their food. Then I came upon Little Spoon Plates! If you think Little Spoon sounds familiar, I have used them before when Marshall was a baby. They make delicious, fresh baby food full of nutritious ingredients sent right to your door! Now they are making Toddler & Big Kid meals!

Each of the Toddler & Big Kid meals are packed with hidden veggies & superfoods that are 100% clean – aka no hormones, no preservative or additives, and nothing artificial. What I love is the way they are packaged! Thanks to an innovative Freshlock seal on each plate, the meals last up to 14 days in the fridge or 2 months the freezer, staying fresh longer without use of harmful preservatives. Thats amazing!

There is a huge variety of 20+ options on the rotating menu, including dairy free, gluten free, and dairy free meals. My kiddos loved anything with meatballs, and some of the more ethnic options, like papusas or dumplings. It was so fun seeing them trying new foods! These Plates are perfect for your littles 1-7 years old!

Whats even better is Little Spoon worked tirelessly with partners and farmers to negotiate the best prices, allowing them to price plates under $5! I love their philosophy that they believe that everyone should have access to high quality, healthy food.

If you follow me along on instagram you know that right now, my husband and I are really enjoying Home Chef, but sometimes it is not a meal the kids would like to share and there is not an option to add on a third portion (because the boys couldn’t eat a whole portion themselves). This is the perfect addition to your weekly meal routine! Since Landon started remote kindergarten, stress and anxiety have been at an all time high. I am so glad Little Spoon has taken care of their nutritional needs with their new Plates! I cannot wait to order my new shipment. Stay tuned to my instagram for some of our favorite meals.

Little Spoon Plates are out now! Click HERE for more information.

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