Self Care: Teeth Whitening that actually works

As we get older, things are starting to catch up to us. I know that I am now dealing with things like, wrinkles, things hurting, etc. I decided to take something into my own hands: Teeth Whitening! It is such a great way to improve your appearance and confidence with not a lot of fuss. I would love to tell you about my experience with Smile Brilliant.

After years of coffee and wine, my teeth definitely need some whitening and brightening. My only experience with teeth whitening before this was with Crest white strips before my wedding (10 years ago). I don’t remember much from the process or even that it even worked. When I was contacted by Smile Brilliant to try their at home whitening system, I was so excited to give this a try!

First of all, their customer service is amazing. The whole process was explained to me. I received a package in the mail shortly after talking them. In the package was everything I would need for my whitening process. I loved how easy it was! First step was to make moulds of my teeth. Just took a couple of minutes and once I was done, I sent them off in a pre-paid padded envelope. About a week or so later I received my trays!

What I really love about this whitening system is the clear trays they send you for whitening. They are formed perfectly for your teeth so it makes them super comfortable and easy to use. Once I was ready to whiten, I opened the whitening solution and put it in the trays. They recommend you doing it at night, so after dinner was over, I would go and put them on. It also kept me from eating dessert, so I guess that was a plus!

What’s great is I was able to do all my things to get the kids ready for bed, all while whitening my teeth. Once I was getting ready for bed, I could already notice a difference in my teeth!

Overall, such a great cost efficient option for anyone who wants a whiter smile. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Check out these before and afters!

And guess what! I am giving an at home teeth whitening kit away to one of my followers. To win enter at my link HERE

Want to get whiter teeth at home like me? Smile Brilliant was gracious enough to give you 15% off store wide using code: girlturnsmom15

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