Time to take care of yourself

There is a lot to be said about self care and I do not think that many moms take it as seriously as they should. Being a mom is really one of the most selfless jobs you can have, and a lot of times we forget about taking care of ourselves and our needs. Do you ever feel guilty about doing something for you? Well, I sure do! That was until I realized it makes me a better mom. The happier I am, the better mom I can be to my kids and wife to my husband. There are so many ways to give yourself “self care.” It can be something simple like getting your nails done once a month, or something not so tangible like going on a walk or taking a workout class. I have listed some ideas below how you can take care of yourself and make YOU happy. These ideas can apply to anyone, but I am going to specifically cater these to local Tucson, AZ moms.

A little Spa Time

This is a classic self care technique that will sure to provide instant relaxation and happiness. Whether its getting a custom facial with Laura at the Skin Narrative or hour long massage at Fucshia Spa, you are sure to feel revived and replenished after a little me time! After I received a nano infusion facial from the skin narrative my skin absolutely glowed. I highly recommend it. Grab your girlfriends or go solo and take some white robe time, meditate and center yourself. Here are some great places to get your relax on!

  • Whether it is getting a facial or some micro blading I love supporting local women owned businesses like Laura at the Skin Narrative. Check them out for all your skin care needs.
  • Have a staycation at a resort and experience one of the most amazing spas in the country (Check out The Westin La Paloma, Miraval, Canyon Ranch, Lowes Ventana Canyon, or JW Marriott to name a few!)
  • Want to schedule regular pampering? Fuchsia Spa located at La Encantada has an amazing membership program where you can take care of all your pampering needs for one low price!
  • You don’t have to go to a spa to get your pamper on. There are lots of at home masks and skin treatments you can do. I am loving Intellinesse and their facial soothing petals. Plus is she is a local Tucson entrepreneur.

Up your look!

Keeping our appearance in tip top shape can help us boost our confidence and just overall make us feel better. Being a mom can be so hard on us. We give all our time and attention to our kids. I find the better I take care of myself the better mom I can be to my kids. Some ways to up your beauty game:

  • Get a whole new makeup look with Maskcara Beauty! Save time and look gorgeous with this all in one makeup pallette. I suggest seeing my girl Alyssa at Opulence Salon for all your beauty needs!
  • Get a blowout or change up your look entirely with a new cut and color
  • Get your nails done! Get some amazing nail art sure to make you feel fierce at the Polished Bee or go for a relaxing pedicure at Green Toes
  • Get your glow on! Instantly glow up with out the harsh sun rays with a spray tan. I am loving Olive Glow Spray Tans. Cristina even comes to your house!
  • Flutter Flutter! Make those eyes pop with and Lash Lift or Lash Extensions! I personally got my lashes lifted at Fuchsia Spa and I am absolutely obsessed and the results last for a long time!
  • Brighten that smile. A teeth whitening treatment will sure to build some confidence and help remove some of that coffee stains that have been building up since having a baby. Check out Arizona Teeth Whitening for those pearly whites!

Work your inner self

Sometimes its not about how you look, but how you feel on the inside. Whether its dealing with anxiety or depression, or just wanting to improve yourself as a businesses woman or mom, taking care of this is super important! I love these ideas:

  • start a morning daily mediatation
  • get up an hour earlier to get your “me” time
  • start journaling. We found some adorable journals over at Creative Kind if you are looking for a great one!
  • Seek out professional help if you need it
  • Read a book! I just finished “Girl Stop Apologizing” by Rachel Hollis. It is so motivational. She just gets what its like to be a mom with dreams in todays society.
  • Join a book club! Tucson Brunch Babes has a great little book club going on at antigone books right now.
  • Take a class! There are so may opportunities to learn a new skill or just have fun! Parks and Rec has a lot of great educational options available. Or stop into Creative Kind for one of their open crafting projects.
  • Take a vacation. Spend a night or two away from it all. Rent a movie, order some room service and slip on that plush white robe you consider stealing for home.

Take care of that Mom Bod

This I believe is one of the top things that gets forgotten about when it comes to self care. I mean, I am running around after 2 toddlers now, that sure to be enough cardio. Truth is, it probably is, but that is not the point. Taking the time to really zone out and work on your body will drastically improve how you feel and increase your energy level. I have started getting up at 5:30 to get my workout in before the kids wakeup and it has been amazing. Its great knowing you already got your workout in and sets a great tone for the day. I also want to point out, do not push yourself here. I am at a point in my life where my kids aren’t nursing and are sleeping through the night for the most part. Give yourself some grace depending where you are in your life journey. Sometimes sleep is more important! Here are some ideas to get you moving around town:

  • Take a cycling class! I recently tried Revolve Cycling for the first time and I loved it! It is located in St. Philips plaza in a beautiful intimate space. The staff is so accommodating to newbies and it is such a fun workout to burn a lot of calories in just under an hour. Your first class is only $8! Let them know I sent you! Head over to the new Pure Love Juice after for a refreshing juice or smoothie after your ride!
  • Hiking. I loved hiking when my babies were young. But there is something amazing about conquering something like going on a hike. I love doing hikes that have a good destination at the end, whether it be water or a beautiful view. Sabino canyon is one of my favorites, but there are so many hiking trails that Tucson has to offer. Too hot to hike? Head up to Mount Lemmon for cooler weather and breathtaking views of the city.
  • Barre is a great strength training workout with a combination of pilates, yoga, and ballet. Barre 3 has a lot of times available and they even have childcare. No excuse there!
  • Orange Theory is a great monitored group setting workout. This is on my to do list to try, but from what i have heard people love it. Your first class if free to try. Tucson has 4 locations around town.
  • Yoga. There are sooo many options for yoga around town, I am not partial to any. Yoga Oasis is always great and they have a lot of available class times and locations. I always suggest trying out different ones to see which is the best fit for you.
  • Crossfit. I personally have never done this type of workout, but some people love it! It is great camaraderie if that’s your thing

Small Steps

Taking care of yourself does take some effort and time to dedicate for yourself. There are something you can do everyday that can help:

  • get up an hour earlier to get some me time
  • write down what your grateful for or do a daily devotional
  • take a hot bath
  • blast music in your car (anyone seen Dead to Me and know what Im talking about, lol)
  • Say NO if its not a HELL YES
  • Go for a walk
  • Have a glass of wine, or two (we don’t judge)
  • Go out to dinner and give yourself a break from cooking. I love Ghinis French Cafe for some delicious from scratch cuisine. Not to mention their dog friendly patio 🙂
  • draw or paint if that’s your thing!
  • Get photographs taken! Photographers have an amazing way of bringing out your amazing features. Bellevie Photgraphy does amazing portrait work!

Thanks for reading! How do you take care of yourself? Share your personal ideas the comments below.

A big THANK YOU to our sponsors of this post and instagram giveaway! All women owned Tucson Businesses! Give them some love!

30 thoughts on “Time to take care of yourself

    • Katlyn says:

      I really enjoyed a post on things to do in Tucson. There are many things but it can be hard finding the good places to go. I love to relax, do face masks, enjoy a cocktail, and occasionally treatments.


  1. Tonya Scott says:

    My self care routine is to do a mask treatment for my face once a week, taking time to read or play the piano once a day, and I try to exercise 6 days a week. Lately my exercise consists of of walking since I’m on chemo, but I always feel better to get a little movement in my day. All of the prizes in the giveaway are amazing ways to practice self care!


  2. Ashley Garrett says:

    Self care for me is spent reading a really good book. The type of book that you don’t want to put down and want to finish in one sitting. I also love going to local coffee shops and drinking a latte uninterrupted. I’ve also discovered V steaming, thanks to Kayla with Nourishing Her here in Tucson. It’s the self care you never knew you needed.


  3. mafercerv says:

    I have a couple.. I exercise daily to release any kind of stress that I had during my day. Also, at least once month i go to fuschia at La Encantada and get a massage, facial, a manicure or pedicure


  4. Cami says:

    I’m all about the self care! My go to’s that feel the most productive are:
    -gym time with the hubby
    -winding down at night with one hour of TV and some reading time before bed
    -20 minutes of meditation a day (I try but not the best at this)
    -day dates twice a week with the hubby (movie, lunch, or this week we are trying a floating chamber!)


  5. Jessica Johnson (greeneyesgoldhair) says:

    Love this post and supporting women-owned local businesses! I do a lot of these myself, I looooove Ghini’s French cafe and often stop there for a chocolate crossaint after receiving a massage. I also like to go by Love In a Cup and grab a yummy tea latte. But my favourite self care activity is probably a nice long jog in the afternoon. Really recharges me. ❤


  6. Tisha says:

    Wake up early enough to sit and drink a cup of coffee by myself, with my dog Fred or my hubby if he’s home. Important to start the day at peace with someone you love.

    I love yoga or if at least some stretching if time is limited.

    Throw on a face mask and give yourself a little pedicure. If you have Little’s have them join you. Teach them to make time for themselves! ❤️

    Get outside!


  7. nancyefulkerson says:

    Working out is my favorite form of self care! I love taking care of my body, reaching new goals, and the endorphins.


  8. Kayla says:

    My favorite self care is reading a book, going for a walk, and getting a pedicure!:) Doesn’t happy as often being a mama to an 8 month old but it’s really nice when it does.


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