Marshalls Nursery Reveal

As soon as I found out we were having another boy, I knew exactly what our theme was going to be. It’s actually funny because Landon’s room is sea and Marshall’s is land. I have such an affinity for the outdoors since I was a little kid spending most summers camping. When we had Landon, we loved hiking and being outdoors together. I wanted to have the same relationship with Marshall.

I started the nursery by clearing out the room and starting with a fresh slate. This room housed my office/workshop so moving it into the out cove of our bedroom was quite I feat. I took advantage of my handy dad and he took on redoing the nursery closet. While he worked, I wanted to create something really special his nursery. I decided on doing a mountain mural on the main crib wall. It will be so great to tell him when he was older that Mama painted that for him. I have never done any kind of mural painting and even though I am a good drawer, I am not a painter, so I new I needed to choose a project I could manage. I scrolled pinterest for ideas. I went with a more geometric look rather than realistic. I didn’t find any tutorials that really created the look I wanted so I just went with my gut. I went to Lowes and bought different shades of gray for the mountains and lots of painters tape and got to work! It only took about 2 days and the room took on a total transformation.

After the wall/paint was done, it was super easy to finish putting the room together. I used Landon’s old crib, dresser and chair and repurposed it for this room. It worked perfectly. Over the next couple of months I gathered together other knick backs for the room. I will list the links for each below!

Please let me know in the comments below what you think or if you have any questions!