My Top Breast-feeding Picks

To close out World Breastfeeding week, I was asked to list some of my top breastfeeding products.  Breastfeeding is such a hard and rewarding time in a moms life and I hope my picks may help you become more confident and comfortable in your journey.  

Boppy Nursing Pillow

This is such a new mother essential.  It is all about positioning in the early stages and this definitely helps. I currently own 2 of these.  One for the nursery and one for the living room (which is where I am during the day).  Marshall loves to be propped up on it since he has better head control now and I have even caught my 3 year old napping on it as well.  I also brought it with me in the hospital and it really helped me figure out comfortable nursing positions. 

Bamboobies Nursing Pads

I discovered Bamboobies this pregnancy and I am hooked! Because it is my second pregnancy, I am noticing I am leaking a lot more.  I occasionally used the disposable ones, and they would make my boobs look really weird and lumpy and also would move around or get bunched up.  These pads are sooo soft and really absorbent.  I love investing in good products I can reuse. Also, make sure to follow them on social media for great tips and giveaways. 

Cake Nursing Bras

I cannot recommend this bra enough.  As a large chested mom, finding anything that fits, especially a nursing bra is a challenge.  I bought these with my first pregnancy and I am still wearing them with my second.  They are a little bit on the pricey side ($50-$60), but I have found the cheaper bras I have bought, either do not last or are not comfortable.  I only own the wireless ones, but later in my pregnancy I definitely want to try different ones!  I have found these at both Nordstrom and Amazon.  

Nursing Tops

Finding good nursing tops is challenging.  I did not worry about this too much with my first pregnancy as I was mostly a homebody and it was usually too hot to breastfeed in public (I would pump a bottle and leave it cold so it cooled him off).  With my second kid I do not not have that option.  We are always out and about and I need to be able to “whip it out” whenever he needs it. 

I have a combination of regular clothes that have buttons or are super stretchy  that I can nurse in as well as specific nursing clothes.  I usually prefer my nursing clothes, but the problem is they are soooo expensive.  I really don’t understand.  I found the best deals at Old Navy (online only) The clothes are super cute and reasonably priced.  Other brands I like are Motherhood Maternity and Latched Mama (check out their “romper”)

Haakaa Breast Pump

This time around I struggled a lot with engorgement at the beginning of my breastfeeding journey.  I reached out to my friends and one of them suggested the Haakaa, which I had never heard of until that point.  I needed something to relieve the pressure without stimulating milk production like a pump would.  This worked wonders for me, relieving about 3 oz of milk every time I used it.  Once I got my supply under control, I used it on the opposite breast I was feeding on to catch the access milk that would have instead gone to waste.  One of the best products for a new mom!

Nipple Cream

Nipple cream is one of the “not so glamorous” products that is so helpful in your breastfeeding journey. Your nipples go through A LOT, especially in the first few weeks of nursing.  A good, organic nipple cream can help soothe your dry, red, cracked nipples in between feedings and are safe for your babe so no need to wash off before feeding.  I love this one from Motherlove as well as Boob-ease from Bamboobies. 

Nursing Tank Tops

While I am at home, I live in my nursing tanks.  I even sleep in them most nights.  I love the ones I got from Target and have them in a bunch of colors.  I also love the Naked Tank, because I can wear it with a nursing bra and it is great for layering.  


Obviously you are going to be sitting on your couch a lot feeding your beautiful new babe and you are going to need some entertainment.  Instead of scrolling instagram and facebook, get into a new series that will make you look forward to your nursing sessions and probably ease stress in you and your baby.  Some bingeworthy shows I highly recommend are Greys Anatomy (it will take you a while :), Gilmore Girls, and Parenthood.  I think I might start Shameless soon since I have heard good things.  I tried watching it a while ago and couldn’t get into it, so we will see. Drop your favorites in the comments below. 

Medela Breast Pump

It is essential to have a great breast pump during your breastfeeding journey.  This is especially important for moms going back to work. For working moms, make sure you get something easy to transport and clean.  It is also an essential for stay at home moms to help increase supply or give your partner a chance to participate in the feeding experience. I also encourage you to check with your insurance provider because you can get a breast pump absolutely free! For my last 2 pregnancies I received a Medela Breast pump and am really happy with it. 

Milk Snob Cover

Have I mentioned I love multi-use products?! These are some of my favorite.  These covers can be used as a carseat cover, nursing cover, scarf, or even blanket.  Did I mention they are buttery soft and breathable? Definitely a must have and come in many styles and colors (including Disney).


Did I miss something that you believe was a breastfeeding must have? Drop it in the comments below!

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