Marshall’s Birth Story

He is finally here! We are so thankful and blessed to have Marshall join our family.  He came into this world loudly at 3:24pm on May 28th.  

Being pregnant this time around was not as enjoyable as I remember it being with Landon.  Near the end, everything hurt.  I wasn’t getting any sleep.  So much that I couldn’t wait to have the baby so I could sleep better, LOL. I actually feel that I am sleeping better with a newborn than I was at the end of my pregnancy.  During my 37th week appointment, I was already dilated to almost a 3 and my doctor said to be ready to go that week.  We all freaked out! Landon came earlier at 38.5 weeks but I wasn’t prepared for him to come that early.  That week came and went, no baby.  Honestly, we were disappointed because we scrambled to get everything ready only to have to sit and wait. 

When I went to my next doctors appointment I thought for sure I had progressed a lot.  I was having contractions all the time and thought a couple of times I was going into labor.  Still 3 cm. I almost wanted to cry.  I was so done being pregnant. We decided to schedule an induction, incase I made it that long. Well I did. I never really wanted to go that route, as I have always thought the baby should come when he is ready, but I realized this was the best decision for my family and I.  

We got to the hospital at around 8:30am on May 28th. Since my induction wasn’t medically critical, we ended up waiting for almost 2 hours before we were admitted. We got to our labor room, I got into a hospital gown and they hooked me up to all the monitors and started an IV. This was it.  We were going to meet our baby boy today.  We started to get really hyped up and excited to meet him.  Our amazing doctor came in and suggested we start pitocin and break my water to get things moving.  This was such a weird experience for me, because with my first birth with Landon, my water broke in the middle of the night.  Once my water broke and the pitocin kicked in, things got intense pretty quickly.  With my last pregnancy, I had to go on pitocin as well, because even though my water broke, I wasn’t having any contractions. After about an hour, things got so intense and I requested an epidural.

The epidural this time around was pretty straight forward and easy. With Landon’s birth, it was so painful getting the epidural, it hurt more than the actual birth. This gave me hope that this was going to be an easy delivery.  Soon after the epidural, my parents came.  I loved having them there to support me.  My amazing in laws came early that morning to watch Landon during the day while we had his baby brother. 

Not long after my parents arrived, I started to feel really intense pressure.  It was probably about 2:30pm at this point. I felt like I needed to push and started to freak out.  I called the nurse back in and urged her to check me because I felt like I was ready.  She was shocked given the last time she checked me I was only dilated to about a 5 after the epidural. 

To her and everyones surprised, I was ready to start pushing.  The nurse went to call the doctor and urged me to breath and not push.  Not push?! I thought I was literally dying for the 20 minutes while waiting for the doctor.  My parents hung around for a while to distract me, but I soon kicked them out as I felt like it was about to get ugly, LOL.

My doctor came in and started to get prepped while I told her I was going to start pushing.  Let me tell you, it hurt…bad.  I am not sure if my epidural wore off or what, but I felt everything.  Once I officially started pushing, I was constantly reminded to keep breathing and taking rests between contractions.  The thing was I didn’t want to rest…I wanted this baby out of me! I just kept pushing and pushing.  I honestly don’t remember how long I was pushing, but it did not seem like that long.  Once the baby started crowning I definitely felt it and screamed out in pain, just like in the movies.  Everyone told me not to use my energy to scream, but hold it in and use it to push.  

One more push and he was out! I felt a big gush as he came out and I hear everyone started laughing.  Apparently when Marshall came out, so did a gush of my amniotic fluid into the air.  The poor medical student hopefully learned her lesson to keep her mouth closed or wear a mask during births, LOL.  Poor girl. 

Marshall came out with a super loud scream and was placed in my arms.  I did it.  He was finally here.  I was so relieved it was over and that our baby boy was finally here. He was perfect.  7lbs 13 oz 20.75 inches of pure miracle.  Within 10 minutes, he started rooting so I tried to nurse him and quickly he was eating like a champ! Within 10 minutes people! Let me tell you, it felt so good laying there nursing my newborn son knowing that he was okay and that he was adapting to this brand new world.  Then he pooped on me.  It was like a, “hey get out of the clouds and get back to the real world of having a newborn.” 

I did have some excess bleeding after he was born, but they quickly got it under control and we went to recovery.  As soon as we got to the mom baby unit, Landon came to meet his baby brother.  He has been so excited for the day he becomes a big brother!  He came and sat on my lap as I introduced him to Marshall.  You could tell how excited he was, but also how cool the hospital room was.  I wanted to get him something from his brother that I could give to him in the hospital.  My friend suggested a camera.  I got him this one from Amazon.  

It was the best present! He was taking pictures of his brother and the family and still to this day loves it. 

 The next 24 hours in the hospital went super smoothly.  He slept almost 6 hours after he had his bath at midnight and the nurse had to wake us all up so I could feed him.  We both got discharged and were able to go home about 5pm that next day.  We were so happy to be home with our now family of 4!

So excited for this next adventure of a mom of 2 boys.  Stay tuned for all our adventures!

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