Saying Goodbye to my Only Child

What a joyous time in my life it has been being a mom to my beautiful baby boy the last 3 years.  You have taught me so much.  Once I had you in my arms I knew that this was my purpose in life, to be your mom.  

I remember being so excited to bring you home to meet your doggie sister.  I was so nervous but excited to start our lives together.  I could just stare at you for hours, wondering what little sound or facial expression your would do next.  Your dad and I loved spending the mornings with you as you blissfully laid in your swing, without a care in the world.  I would be at your beckon call to nurse you and snuggle you to sleep.  I LOVED when you fell asleep on my chest.  People would always tell me, “enjoy it while it lasts” but to this day you still are a great snuggler.  I hope we don’t lose that.  

I hope we don’t lose that bond that we have kept so tight for the last 3 years. You are my best friend, my boy, my EVERYTHING.  I know I will love your brother just as much, but i want you to always remember that you are my little boy and that you will always be my little boy.   

But, some things are going to change.  I might not be able to put you to sleep at night or always play dinosaur chase around the house.  We might not have as much time to play in the bath or RAWR around the bedroom, but I promise to make special time for just you and I. I will still take you to the zoo and on Eegees lunch dates and take the time to listen to your day at school. 

 You are going to be an AMAZING big brother.  Your love for him already radiates through you.  He is so lucky to already be so loved.  I know you will be an amazing role model to him and a huge help to me.

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