Best Baby Products on Amazon

Diapers and Wipes

This is one of the first reasons I started using Amazon for baby! When I was pregnant with my first, I did a lot of research on where to buy diapers.  I found with an Amazon Family or Prime account, a diaper subscription is the most economical and logical solution.  I never had to worry about running out of diapers as I had them arrive monthly (or as often as you would like) on my door step.  When you are a new mom, this is essential. Price varies


EZPZ Happy Mat

These were one of the greatest things when I started feeding solids.  The plate suctions to your table or high chair so the baby can’t move it.  Clean up is also a breeze because everything is contained on the mat and you can put it in the dishwasher! The mini mat is also great for when going out to eat. 


Nose Frida Aspirator

Yes, I know you see this on every list and think, eww, I will never use this.  Ladies and Gents, this is one of the best baby products you can get.  This really works and will help relieve congestion in your little one when there is nothing else you can do. 



Infant Tub

The 4Moms Infant Tub lives up to the hype.  Honestly, I didn’t even register for this with my first child, but was given it as a gift. It fits great in your sink or tub and has a built in temperature gauge. The water stays super clean because the water is constantly flowing through it, which is great for those ehm….blowouts. $59.99


Swaddle Blankets

These are the best swaddle blankets! They are definitely worth the investment.  So soft and can be used as swaddles or nursing covers. $20.99

tippy&toes LLC

Sound Machine

These are essential for every baby! We even still use ours now at 3 years old.  Make sure to get one with white noise as this is great to mimic the loud noise of the womb and will help baby feel more comfortable in their 4th trimester. $24.38

Homedics HPC

Night Light

Talk about technology! This night light is the greatest product you can get. Whats great is it both a night light and a sound machine all controlled by an app on your phone! $59.99

Hatch Baby

Baby Bottles

We had the hardest time finding bottles in our first pregnancy.  Our son was exclusively breastfed and I was desperate to find a bottle that would work.  Thats when I found Como Tomo bottles.  Not only are the nipples great for breastfed babies, the bottle itself is made of a soft silicone material to offer a better grip. $13.28+


Breastfeeding Pillow

If your planning on breastfeeding, your going to need a good pillow.  I love my Boppy Pillow so much! You can get cute covers to match your nursery decor and they are machine washable. $29.84+

The Boppy Company

Bath Scrubber

Babies are so sensitive and this InnoBaby Silicone bath scrubber is perfect, especially for washing hair! They are super easy to clean too! $9.99


Baby Lounger

This is the creme de la creme of baby products.  The Dock a Tot is a perfect place for your baby to lounge or nap.  Perfect for when traveling too! Comes in 2 sizes, Deluxe and Grande. $185



Of course your newborn will need clothing.  Think of simple timeless pieces.  Also do not be afraid to invest in quality as they will last through more washes and for your other kids to reuse.  I love the Guomikids Newborn Bundle as a baby shower gift or a gift for your little one. 


Play Yard

This new play yard 4Moms Playyard everything! Super roomy and easy to put up and take down.  A must buy! $299.00

Thorley Industries, LLC / 4moms

Diaper Bag

Finding the right diaper bag is super hard. You want one that is both functional and stylish, since you are going to be carting it around everywhere. This JuJuBe Legacy Collection Collection Diaper Bag is a great option! Lots of pockets for bottle, sunglasses, phone, and its own changing pad! $147.99


Diaper Bag essentials

These wet dry bags are essential for any mom.  You can get smaller bags for snacks or larger ones for wet clothes or diapers.  I love the Skip Hop line of bags $12.99

Skip Hop

Doo Doo disposal

There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to diaper pails/trash cans. If you think you don’t need one, you are wrong! That is unless you like taking your garbage out all the time.  We love our Dekkor trash can that we received with baby #1. You can use regular trash bags with this one, but we like the Dekkor trash bag refills. $29.99



Wether you are doing BLW or purees, or a combination of both, these utensils are perfect!  We did a combination of both and these little spoons are the perfect size for your little ones and are even fun for them to chew on! NumNum Gootensils $10.99


Teething Toy

It is no wonder that this is the most popular baby product! Kids love Sophie the Giraffe for teething and holding.  It is made of a super soft silicone that makes it the perfect first toy for your baby to grab on to! $26.10


Play Mat

Invest in a good play mat! I love this super soft an thick play mat with an adorable reversible design.  Opt for a mat like this, verses a foam tile mat.  You will be saving yourself lots of cleaning time later on putting it back together all the time. $49.99


Nail Trimmer

Cutting a little baby nails is probably the scariest thing you do as a new parents.  Zoli’s electric nail trimmer takes all the nervousness away! $26.93

Zoli Baby

Breast Pads

These are great for any breast feeding mom! Invest in some washable nursing pads, as opposed to the disposable ones.  They fit better in your clothes and don’t get all bunched up.  Best part is, you can wash them over and over again! Bamboobies $18.69


SOFT Style Inc.

Have a must have baby product that we missed? Comment below with your favorite!

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